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Our Business Plans

Invel Pharma is now a trendsetter in the Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry by our newer and innovative concepts to implement how to influence and supersede in this era of marketing. We are the pathfinders in launching the theory of collaborating specific areas of living with the market channel. Our innovative ideas and competitive strategies keep us ahead in the industry.

Today we are in the therapeutic segment of

  • General 

  • ENT

  • Dental

  • Ortho

  • Respiratory

  • Phy & Pulmo

  • Gastro and Derma.

Upcoming segments are

  • Gynac 

  • Paediatric

  • Ophthalmic

Our main work profile is Cardio & Diabetic (CVD). 

Invel Pharma also has set the next goal is to spread its wings to Pan India through Global Market.

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